Creating custom fields for items and services

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In this article, you will learn how to create custom fields for your items and services in Workiz.

Items and services are reusable line items you create and store on your Workiz account to save yourself time when creating estimates or invoices. You can add useful information like the item's name, cost, and the price you want to charge.

Workiz also allows you to tailor your items beyond the default fields using custom fields. Here are some examples of the sort of custom fields you can create for items:

  • Vendor part number
  • Paint color
  • Additional warranty details
  • Supplier information

The ability to create item custom fields comes standard with all Workiz accounts.

This should not be confused with the Custom Fields add-on, which provides the ability to create custom fields for jobs and clients.

How to create custom fields for items

  1. From the navigation bar, select the profile/gear icon > Settings
  2. Under Job settings, select Items & products
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  3. From the Items & products page, select an existing item or Add new
  4. From the item creation/editing pop-up, scroll down and select Add custom fields
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  5. Create your custom field:

    1. Name
    2. Field type
    3. Visible on item list: Decide whether you want this information to appear on estimates and invoices for clients to see and check the box accordingly
    4. Select Save

Your custom fields will now be available across all of the items on your account.

With the Inventory add-on, you can also create custom fields when creating new inventory items as well.

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