How to label jobs with tags

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In this article, you will learn how to label jobs with tags.

What is a job tag?

Tags are a great way to categorize your jobs and help you and your team stay organized. Tags allow you to group your jobs by default statuses like estimate, opportunity, follow-up, and callback.

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Workiz also allows you to create custom tags for jobs that make sense for your particular workflow. For example, you may want to create tags that indicate when jobs are planned vs. emergencies, or to highlight when your Workiz admin should read the notes on a job’s page.

Here are some other common custom tags used around the Workiz community:

  • Follow-up
  • COD (cash on delivery)
  • Parts on order

Labeling a job with a tag

  1. Open the job you want to label with a tag
  2. Next to Tags, select the plus icon ( )
  3. Select an existing tag or create a new tag
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Creating a custom tag

  1. From the job tags viewer, select Create new tag
  2. Create your tag:
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    1. Name: Enter a name for the tag you want to create
    2. Color: Choose a color for the tag you want to create
    3. Select Save 

Removing and deleting tags

Workiz also allows you to remove tags from a specific job or delete them across your entire account.

Removing a tag from a specific job simply means the tag will be removed from the current job. Deleting a tag means it will be permanently deleted from your entire account and removed from all affected jobs.

To remove a tag from a job, select the corresponding X icon ( ). The tag will still exist on your account for use across existing and future jobs. 

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To permanently delete a tag from your account, remove it from the job tags viewier. The tag will be permanently deleted and removed from all existing jobs.

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Filtering jobs by tags

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Jobs
  2. Select Filter results and choose the tag you want to filter by
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Tags will help you and your team stay more organized, making sure that you are as prepared as possible to respond to each job on your Workiz account.

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