Restricting a user to assigned jobs

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In this article, you will learn how to limit a specific user to only see jobs assigned to them.

Workiz has been designed with service businesses in mind. We understand that not everybody on your team needs as much access to the system as your administrators, and that not every field tech needs visibility of jobs assigned to other team members.

After signing up with Workiz, your account will automatically come equipped with four different roles you can assign to your team members: Admin, Manager, Dispatcher, and Tech.

By default, the Tech role will already be restricted from seeing jobs assigned to other users. The simplest way to restrict a user from seeing jobs assigned to other users is to assign that user to the role of Tech.

But if you have a unique role with specific requirements, Workiz also allows you to create new roles from scratch, as well as update existing roles with the permissions that suit your business’s needs.

How to restrict a user to assigned jobs

  1. From the navigation bar, select the gear icon ( ) > Settings
  2. Under Users & roles, select Roles & permissions
  3. Choose the role you want to restrict job visibility for
  4. Turn the Other users' jobs permission off
  5. Select Save

How to update a user’s role

After updating the restrictions associated with a specific role, you will need to assign that role to a user on your team to enforce the restriction.

  1. From the navigation bar, select the gear icon ( ) > Settings
  2. Under Users & Roles, select Team Management
  3. Select the user whose role you want to update
  4. Under User Details, select User role and choose the role that you just updated
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The user you assign to this role will now only see the following:

  • Jobs assigned to them
  • Messages sent to them

    With just the Messaging permission enabled, this user will be given access to internal messages from your team.

    Combining Messaging and Client's Messages permission will grant this user access to messages from clients related to currently assigned jobs.

    After the job has been marked done, the message thread will no longer be available for this user.

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