How to enable and use Booking Services

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In this article, you will learn how to activate and begin using the Booking Services portal on your company website.

Booking services online is an essential part of any modern business, allowing customers to book service appointments through an online webpage — all with your real-time availability in mind.

Please be aware that booking requests from your booking portal are just that — requests. These booking requests are not automatically added to your schedule. You need to view the request from your Message Center and manually approve it by adding it as a job or lead for it to appear on your schedule.

Activating Booking Services

  1. From the navigation bar, select the Marketplace

    Not seeing the Marketplace icon in the navigation bar? You may not have the correct permissions set for your user.

    Please contact your account admin and ask them to turn on the Account Settings permission for your user type from the Roles & Permissions settings page.

  2. Under Add-Ons, selecting Online Booking
  3. Turn the toggle switch on/off to enable/disable the add-on

Using Booking Services on your website

While you can customize your booking portal to include specific booking items and other aspects unique to your service business, customization is not required. Your booking portal will be ready to use upon activation. If you want to learn more about how to customize your booking portal, please see this article.

In order to use the booking portal on your website, you’ll need to embed it. Don’t worry — it’s actually pretty easy.

  1. From the navigation bar, select the gear icon ( ) > Settings
  2. Under Integrations, select Booking Services
    image 34booking-services.png
  3. Select Get embed code at the top of the page
    Group 4513embed.png
  4. Select Copy to clipboard
  5. Select your website building company from the following list for instructions on how to insert an embed code for your specific website:
    1. WordPress
    2. Squarespace
    3. Wix

Sharing your booking portal link directly with clients

If you’d prefer to use the booking portal without having to host it on your website, you can also share the booking portal link directly with your clients as well.

  1. From the Booking Services settings page, select Copy URL
    Group 4513-1.png
  2. Paste the link in a message you want to send to a client

Adding items and services to your booking portal

Now that you've customized your booking portal, you can also add items and services. This will allow your customers to select the specific items and services they need, and ultimately allow you to provide the best service possible.

To learn how to add items and services to your booking portal, please see this article.

Enabling online payments in your booking portal

The new Booking Services portal allows you to request payments during the appointment scheduling process.

To learn how to enable payments in your booking portal, please see this article.


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