Using Workiz Phone on the mobile app

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In this article, you will learn how to use Workiz Phone on the Workiz mobile app.

Making calls on mobile

  1. From the mobile app, select the Calls tab
  2. Select the keypad icon
  3. Make a call by searching for an existing client or dialing a number
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Choosing a number to dial from

With Workiz Phone, you can also choose the phone number you want to call from.

  1. From the dialer screen, select Call Using and then choose a Workiz Phone number to call from
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Answering calls on mobile

Incoming calls from Workiz Phone will appear one of two ways, depending on device permissions and how your phone is being used at the time of the call:

Phone state


Locked: If your phone is locked, the incoming call will appear like a typical phone call, except it will be labeled as Workiz Audio and indicate the specific call flow that is being used.

Unlocked: If your phone is unlocked, the incoming call may appear as an on-screen notification (depending on your device’s permissions).


If you answer the call, the call will automatically be logged under the relevant job, lead, or client.

Booking jobs and leads from a call

With Workiz Phone, you can also easily book a job or lead directly from the call.

  1. Answer the call and then open the Workiz app
  2. From the mobile app, select the section at the top of the screen
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  3. Select the plus icon ( ) > New job or New lead
  4. Create your job or lead

Viewing call history

While the Calls tab on the Workiz mobile app provides you with a familiar call history log, Workiz has customized this feature specifically for field service pros.

Missed calls will be marked with a downward-facing red arrow. Calls that have yet to be returned or responded to will also feature an Action needed label to help your team keep track of the missed calls that need your attention.

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You can open the call log to respond to your client (e.g., book job, return call, send text, etc.). Once you respond to the call, the call will no longer feature a label across your Workiz account.

Listening to voicemail

  1. Select the Voicemail tab
  2. Select a missed call with a voicemail
  3. Select the play icon ( )
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Managing availability

Workiz Phone also allows you to decide when you’re available to receive business calls.

  1. From the call history screen, select Available in the upper-right corner to change your status to Unavailable
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