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In this article, you will learn how to manage jobs on the go using the Workiz mobile app.

Although the Workiz web application was designed to be a more robust experience, the Workiz mobile app was crafted with field service techs in mind. It’s a simple, intuitive mobile app that allows techs to easily manage jobs while out on the field.

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Here’s an overview of how a field tech can manage a job using the Workiz mobile app:

Quick actions

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  • Clock in for this job
    Select Start to launch a running clock that allows management to keep tabs on your hours.
  • Give the client an ETA
    Select ETA to let your client know you’re on your way or that you’ll be a few minutes late.
  • Add a payment to the job
    If your business doesn't use invoices and prefers to add a payment directly to the job itself, select Pay and choose your preferred payment method.
  • Add notes
    Select Add note to provide your team with relevant information for this job for future use.
  • Attach images or files
    Select Attach to add photos using your mobile device’s camera or internal library, as well as files stored on your device.

Route yourself to the job site

Select the client’s address and choose your preferred navigation app to find the quickest route to the job.

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Contact the client

Call or text the client using the number you have on file.

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Create and send invoices

From the Finance tab, you can quickly create an invoice and add all of the line items relevant to this job. 

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Collect a payment for an invoice

From the Finance tab, you can easily add payments. 

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In order to collect credit card or ACH payments on the mobile app, you will first need to sign up for Workiz Pay.

To learn more about signing up for Workiz Pay, please see this article.

Close the job

From the Details tab, select the field under you can quickly update the job status to keep your team in the loop.

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You can allow field techs to close jobs by editing the permissions associated with their role in Workiz.

To learn more about roles and permissions, please see this article.

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