Filtering field techs for jobs using skills and service areas

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In this article, you will learn how to use user skills and service areas to filter available field techs when assigning jobs in Workiz.

Workiz makes scheduling simple for dispatchers, allowing them to filter field techs to easily spot who’s capable of doing the job based on skill sets and service areas.

In order to filter field techs by service areas and job types, you will first need to:

How to filter field techs when assigning jobs

Updating service areas and user skills

In order to filter available field techs when assigning jobs, you will first need to update their profile pages on your account.

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Team
  2. Select one of your field techs
  3. Under User Options, update the following fields:
    1. Service areas: Choose the service areas your field tech serves
      Group 4498.png
    2. User skills: Choose all of the job types your field tech is capable of performing
      Group 4498-skills.png
  4. Select Save

Assigning jobs

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Add new > Jobs
  2. Complete the following New Job sections:
    1. Client details
    2. Service location
    3. Job details
  3. Under Scheduled, select Assign team members and choose one of the field techs listed
    Group 4502.png
  4. To determine if your field tech has availability based on your Workiz schedule, select Show schedule
  5. Review your schedule and choose an available field tech as desired
    image 491.png
  6. Select Submit

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