Adding Custom Item Attributes onto a Client’s Invoice

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Once you have added custom item attributes via your inventory list or the 'Settings' page in Workiz, you’ll be able to directly add them on to a client’s invoice (if you have indicated that they’re visible on the item list when setting this up).


How Can You Add Custom Item Attributes onto a Client's Invoice?

  1. From the left-hand navigation bar in Workiz, select 'Invoices'.

2. Select an existing invoice you wish to modify.


3. Select 'Add item'.



4. Add the product or service to your invoice which contains a custom item attribute (i.e. new lock, with a custom attribute of Heavy Duty).


5. Now, click on that service to get to the 'Add Job Items' screen.


6. Fill out this screen and click 'Save' when you’re finished.


7. This product or service now appears on your customer invoice and contains the custom item attributes.

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