How to Respond Faster to Thumbtack Leads and Close More Jobs?

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Thumbtack is a huge marketplace where homeowners can find talented service pros such as yourself. Whether you're already using Thumbtack to get new leads or want to get started, find out how to connect your Workiz account to Thumbtack.

Once you connect Workiz to Thumbtack, your Thumbtack leads will land straight in your Workiz inbox, you can text clients or call them right away and transform them into jobs, faster than ever.

As you know getting a lead is not enough - in order to win the job, you have to be there before your competitors do and this where this integration comes in handy.


How to connect Thumbtack to your Workiz account?

  • If you don’t have a Workiz account yet you can easily sign up from here

  • If you have an account:

  1. Go to "Marketplace" from the top-right menu.


2. Search for the "Thumbtack" integration and click on it.



3. Then click on “Connect Thumbtack”.



That’s it, in 24 hours you’ll start getting Thumbtack leads right to your inbox, getting it before your competitors do. It’s that easy.


* If you don’t have a Thumbtack account yet, you can create an account right from this page





How to convert Thumbtack leads to jobs or leads right from Workiz Inbox?


  1. As soon as a potential customer contacts you on Thumbtack, you’ll get notified through your Workiz inbox.




2. From there, you’ll be able to convert the request to a lead or job.


  • The job details are automatically filled, with no need to type or copy-paste.

  • The job source automatically marked as "Thumbtack".


3. You can also text the client right from the inbox - asking for more info or letting him know the job is scheduled.



4. Or call them in 1 click right from the app.



How to track your Thumbatck leads ROI? (return on investment)

With Workiz, you can easily tell which sources are generating more calls, more jobs, and most importantly - more revenue. So you can easily tell which channel has the best ROI.

Workiz can easily help you track your Thumbtack lead revenue:


1. From the left-hand navigation bar, select 'Reports'.


2. Click on the "Job Statistics" report.

3. Click on the "Source" tab

4. Choose a time frame and see which source is generating more calls, more jobs, and most importantly - more revenue.





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