Sending messages from the mobile app

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In this article, you will learn how to use the Message Center on the mobile app.

As part of your Workiz Phone plan, the Message Center is your all-in-one hub for text and email communications with your customers and teammates. The Message Center is available both on desktop and mobile, giving you all the communication tools you need no matter where you are.

Reading and replying

  1. Select the Messages tab
  2. Open a conversation you want to read and reply to
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Sending files and images

  1. From the conversation screen, select the attachment icon ( ) and choose where you want to upload your item from
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    1. Take Photo
    2. Choose from Gallery
    3. Choose from Library

Creating a job or lead

Workiz also makes it simple to create jobs or leads right from the Message Center.

You may only see the option to add a job or lead from a message if the message contains contact-related information (e.g., address, phone number, or email).

  1. Open a conversation from a prospective client
  2. Select Add job or Add lead 
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  3. Create your job or lead 

Editing job details

You can also edit details for an existing job in your Workiz account.

  1. Open a conversation relating to an existing job
  2. From the message, select View Job
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  3. Make your changes to this job

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