Managing your schedule on the mobile app

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In this article, you will learn how to manage your business’s schedule from anywhere using the Workiz mobile app.

The Workiz schedule is a useful tool to keep track of all of the jobs, leads, and tasks you have on your calendar. And with the Workiz mobile app, you can take that powerful tool with you on the go.

To learn more about how to manage your schedule using Workiz on desktop, please see this article.

Managing the schedule on mobile

On the Schedule tab, Workiz will present you with all of the jobs, leads, and tasks you have scheduled for the day.

Each schedule item will include key information such as an appointment time, status, client name, job type, and service address.

Scheduled items overview

You can get a quick overview of the number of appointments you have on your calendar for a particular day.

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Expanded calendar view

With the app, you can view your schedule for different days by scrolling through the calendar or expanding the calendar and selecting a different day.

Workiz will notify you when you have older jobs that have yet to be closed out. Those days will be marked with dots under the calendar day.

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Quick actions

From the schedule page, you can select the dots icon ( ) to access some quick actions, such as calling or messaging the client, receiving directions to the service address, or rescheduling the service appointment to a different day or time.

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