How to update a job's status

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In this article, you will learn how to update a job’s status.

What is a status?

Statuses — also known as parent statuses — are conditions you can assign to a job to describe the state of a job’s progress. They are a great way to help improve communication across your team, providing everyone with enhanced visibility on the current stage of a job’s development.

By default, you will be able to assign one of six statuses to a job in Workiz:

  • Submitted
  • In progress
  • Canceled
  • Done
  • Pending
  • Done pending approval

Workiz also allows you to create custom sub-statuses.

To learn more about creating sub-statuses, please see this article.

Updating a job’s status

As mentioned, Workiz provides six statuses by default. You will not need to create a status within Workiz, but you will need to assign a status as desired.

  1. Open the job you want to update
  2. Next to Status, select the dropdown menu and choose your status
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