How to customize your account settings

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In this article, you will learn how to customize your account settings in Workiz.

After signing up with Workiz, your account will be ready to use right away. But if you want to tailor your account to fit your business's needs a bit more, you can do that with just a few clicks. Workiz makes it easy to access your account settings so you can quickly update your company name, first and last name, business address, and more. 

Keeping your account information up to date will make it easy to ensure that your estimates, invoices, and company communications are up to date through the use of short code. Rather than manually updating each document with a new company logo or business website, Workiz will automatically generate this information on your documents from the details that exist under your account settings. To learn more about short code in Workiz, please see this article

Customizing your account settings

  1. From the navigation bar, select the gear icon ( ) > Account
  2. Update your account information:
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    1. Company name: Enter your company name
    2. Company description: Enter your company description
    3. First name: Enter your first name
    4. Last name: Enter your last name
    5. Business address: Enter your business address
    6. Business website: Enter your company’s website or social media page
    7. Company email: Enter your company’s email address
    8. Company phone: Enter your company’s phone number (not your Workiz number)
    9. Fallback phone: Enter a secondary phone number that can be used to connect you with clients in the event of an unexpected Workiz Phone outage
    10. Caller ID: Enter the name that you want clients to see when you make outbound calls using Workiz Phone

      To learn more about how to set your caller ID, please see this article.

    11. Send email as: Enter the name that should appear in the “from” field when you send emails
    12. Reply to email: Enter the email address that should receive replies from clients
  3. Select the field to the right of your account details to update your company logo 
    Group 4593.png
  4. Update your account preferences: 
    2023-09-21_10-10-39 1.png
    1. Display reports: Choose how you want reports to be displayed
    2. Default payment terms: Choose how long your clients have to pay an invoice before it becomes overdue 
    3. Account time zone
    4. Account region
    5. Update job end time: Decide if you want jobs to automatically be ended by updating the job’s status to Done or Canceled 

      Setting the toggle switch to NO will ensure a job's duration will only be measured based on the time that was originally scheduled when creating the job. This is a good option for businesses with consistent job lengths.

    6. Auto search clients: Decide if you want Workiz to automatically suggest clients based on the names, phone numbers, and service addresses you enter when creating jobs and leads
    7. Allow multiple techs: Decide if you want to allow multiple techs to be assigned to one job
    8. Accumulate due balance from invoices only: Decide how you want a client's due balance to be determined
      1. YES: A client's due balance will be calculated by the balance associated with invoices (with or without jobs)
      2. NO: A client's due balance will be calculated by the balances associated with jobs with items (with or without invoices) AND standalone invoices
    9. Show sales proposal total price with tax: Decide if you want your sales proposal prices to be displayed with tax included
  5. Select Save

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