How to customize your Booking Services portal

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In this article, you will learn how to activate and customize your Booking Services portal.

Booking Services is an essential part of any modern business, allowing customers to book service appointments through an online webpage — all with your real-time availability in mind.

Booking Services was recently updated to include enhanced capabilities. If you are still using the legacy Online Booking portal, please enable the latest version today.

While your Booking Services portal is designed to work upon activation, Workiz allows for customization so that you may include certain aspects unique to your service business.

Customizing Booking Services

  1. From the navigation bar, select the gear icon ( ) > Settings
  2. Under Integrations, select Online Booking

Updating your booking portal appearance

  1. Select Appearance
  2. Set your booking portal appearance: 
    1. Service title: Enter a message you want your clients to see at the top of your booking portal
    2. Service description: Enter a subheading you want your clients to see directly underneath your service title
    3. Use account logo: Decide if you want your company logo to appear on your booking portal

Updating your booking availability

  1. Select Availability
  2. Select Edit Available Hours
    1. Adjust your business hours as desired and select Save
  3. Complete the Availability settings fields:
    1. Business availability based on: Choose one of the following options as desired:
      1. Allow double booking: Allow clients to schedule appointments regardless of existing availability
      2. Based on tech’s availability: Only allow clients to schedule appointments based on your team’s availability
      3. Choose number of jobs per slot: Only allow your clients to schedule a certain number of appointments per time slot
    2. Minimum notice time: Choose one of the time options as desired

      This will determine how soon your clients will be able to book a service with you.

      For example, if you choose 1 hour and your client accesses your portal at 2 p.m., the earliest available slot will be 3 p.m. If you need more or less time to prepare for a job, adjust your choice accordingly.

    3. Time Slot Length: Choose the time slot that best matches your average job length

Updating your required booking fields

  1. Select Client Information
  2. Under Client Information, turn the toggle switches on for all the information you want to collect
    1. Active: The field will be visible but not required
    2. Required: The field will be visible AND required

Enabling required payments for your booking portal

In order to require online payments through your booking portal, you will first need to join Workiz Pay.

To learn more about joining Workiz Pay, please see this article.

  1. Select Payments
  2. Turn the toggle switch on to enable online payments for your booking portal
  3. Choose between a full payment or partial deposit and define the deposit as desired

Updating your advanced options

  1. Select Advanced Options
  2. Complete the Advanced Options settings fields:
    1. Job source: Choose the ad source you want to associate with your booking portal
    2. Notification details: Add a phone number and/or email that should receive booking notifications

      To add multiple phone numbers and email addresses, simply separate each entry with a comma.

      Notifications will also automatically be sent to any user with access to the Message Center.

    3. Thank you page: Enter the URL for the “thank you” page hosted on your website
  3. At the bottom of the page, select Save

Adding items and services to your booking portal

Now that you've customized your Booking Services portal, you can also add selectable items and service types. Items will contribute to the required payment that your clients will need to provide, whereas service types will allow you to limit availability based on your team's skill set.

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