How to offer discounts to your clients

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In this article, you will learn how to offer discounts to your customers on jobs, estimates, and invoices.

Offering discounts to your customers can be done in just a few clicks.

This article will focus on how to manually apply discounts to individual jobs, estimates, and invoices.

Workiz also allows you to create member discounts using service plans, ensuring that discounts are automatically applied to certain clients. To learn more applying member discounts, please see this article.

Offering discounts

  1. Open the job, estimate, or invoice you want to add a discount to
  2. In the order/invoice summary, select the Discount field
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  3. Create your discount:
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    1. Choose whether the discount should be applied as a dollar amount or a percentage of the total cost
    2. Enter the dollar amount or percentage you want to discount
    3. Select Save

The discount will automatically be applied to the job, estimate, or invoice and be presented in the order/invoice summary.

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