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In this article, you will learn how you can use the Workiz mobile app out on the field.

While Workiz provides a robust web app you can use on your computer, we understand that the field service industry is — at its core — one that exists out on the field. That’s why we developed the Workiz mobile app, designed as an intuitive extension of the desktop experience you work with on a daily basis.

Here’s just some of what you can get done using the mobile app:

Create new...

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Depending on your permission level, you can create new jobs, leads, invoices, estimates, and clients right from the Schedule page.

Manage schedule

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All of your jobs, leads, and tasks will be visible right from the Schedule page on the mobile app, giving you a quick glance of your calendar.

To learn more about managing the schedule on mobile, please see this article.

Manage jobs

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You can select a specific job to find more details and capabilities for that job.

The mobile app was designed to allow field techs to manage jobs while out on the field. They can use the app to easily:

  • Give the client an ETA
  • Add a payment to the job
  • Call the client
  • Update the job status

To learn more about managing a job using the Workiz mobile app, please see this article.

Access Message Center

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Access all of your messages from the Message Center.

Use this feature to reply to existing messages, and even book jobs and leads from messages on your account.

Access clients list

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You can select the Clients tab to see all of your existing clients, where you can easily call or message a client. You can also schedule new jobs, invoices, and estimates for a specific client.

Log hours

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Log your hours with just a few taps to make sure your admins can keep track of everything.

Make calls using Workiz Phone

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You can use the Calls tab to access your call history, as well as the Workiz dialer.

You can also book jobs directly from a phone call using the Workiz dialer on the mobile app.

To learn more about using Workiz Phone on the mobile app, please see this article.


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