How to create leads

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In this article, you will learn how to create a lead in Workiz.

What is a lead?

In Workiz, a lead is considered a potential job — not a potential customer. A lead can be used to:

  • Store information for a potential job
  • Schedule an on-site visit to make a quote for a potential job

Leads are jobs that may or may not happen, and are best used to schedule quotes. If a lead doesn’t become converted into a job, it will have no impact on your job cancellation rate. This gives you a more accurate picture of how your business is performing when viewing your Job Statistics report in Workiz.

Enabling Leads add-on

In order to start using leads, you must first enable it from the Marketplace.

  1. From the navigation bar, select the Marketplace

    Not seeing the Marketplace icon in the navigation bar? You may not have the correct permissions set for your user.

    Please contact your account admin and ask them to turn on the Account Settings permission for your user type from the Roles & Permissions settings page.

  2. Under Add-ons, select Leads

  3. Turn the toggle switch on/off to enable/disable the add-on

Creating a lead

After enabling the add-on, you will now be able to create new leads. 

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Add new > Lead
    Group 4325.png
  2. Enter the client's details:

    1. Client name
    2. Company name
    3. Phone
    4. Email
  3. Enter the service location details:
    1. Address
    2. Service area
  4. Enter the job details:

    1. Job type
    2. Job source
    3. Job description

  5. Determine if this lead already has a scheduled date and turn the toggle switch on/off accordingly
  6. (Optional) Enter the schedule details:
    image 366.png
    1. Start/end
    2. Team members

      You may only see techs who are available based on whether their skills and service areas are compatible with this job.

Submitting a new lead will automatically create a new client using the same details you just entered for the new lead.

Managing a new lead

After creating your lead, you will need to properly manage it to ensure you eventually convert it into a revenue-generating job. To learn more about managing new leads, please see this article.

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