Syncing estimate items to your inventory

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In this article, you will learn how to sync items added to an estimate to your Workiz inventory.

Workiz’s inventory management lets you see your stock levels and inventory usage from anywhere using any device. Every usage, stock change, or return is logged and easily tracked.

Workiz allows you to have stock levels organized by locations so that you know exactly how much stock (as well as the cost and sale value of that stock) exists in a particular location. Once you have created inventory items and locations, you can begin adding those items to jobs and invoices.

Because estimates are only designed to provide your client with a detailed preview of what a job may cost, adding inventory items directly to an estimate will not result in any changes to your actual inventory.

However, if your client approves an estimate and you convert that estimate into a job, you can sync that estimate to a job and ultimately sync the job items to your actual inventory.

How to sync estimate items to your inventory

In order to sync estimate items to your inventory, you will first need to enable the Inventory add-on from the Marketplace.

To learn more about enabling the add-on, please see this article.

  1. Open the estimate you want to add items to
  2. Select Add item
  3. Choose one of the items from your price book or list that includes a box icon ()
  4. Select Actions > Copy to job 
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  5. Create your new job
  6. Select the Items tab
  7. Next to Job items, select the rotate icon ( )
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  8. Choose the location you want to take these items from and select Sync with inventory
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Your job items will now be synced to your inventory. The box icons next to the item names will change from red to gray to indicate that the items are being removed from your inventory and will be used for this job.

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Reviewing inventory stock changes

All changes you make to your inventory will be visible from the Inventory Usage report.

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Reports
  2. Select Inventory usage
  3. Select one of the following tabs to review changes made to your inventory:
    image 536.png
    1. Inventory usage: A list detailing inventory items that were used in jobs and invoices
    2. Returns: A list detailing inventory items that were manually removed from your inventory without being used in Workiz jobs or invoices
    3. Action log: A list detailing inventory items that were used, returned, created, or moved to a different location

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