Assigning team members to jobs

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In this article, you will learn how to assign team members to jobs you’ve already created in Workiz.

When creating a job in Workiz, you’ll have the opportunity to assign a technician before submitting the job. But we understand that sometimes you’ll need to create a job without immediately knowing who you’ll be assigning it to.

Assigning a tech to an existing job

  1. Open the job you want to assign a tech to
  2. From the Details tab, scroll down to Team and choose the desired tech from the dropdown menu
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    You may only see techs who are available based on whether their skills and service areas are compatible with this job.

Notifying a tech of a newly assigned job

To manually notify your tech of a job once it has been assigned to them, follow the steps below.

You can use Workiz Automations to create a rule that automatically sends your tech a notification after they've been assigned to a job.

To learn more about using Workiz Automations, please see this article.

  1. Next to Team, select Send and choose how you want to deliver the message
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    1. In app
    2. By SMS
    3. By email
    4. By all

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