How to duplicate a custom automation rule

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In this article, you will learn how to duplicate a custom automation rule in Workiz.

Workiz Automations is a Marketplace add-on designed to send automatic notifications to your team and clients based on certain conditions you define. This feature is designed to save you time, prevent job cancellations, and help scale your business with less effort. 

Duplicating an automation rule

In order to create and use automation rules, you will first need to enable the Workiz Automations add-on from the Marketplace.

To learn more about enabling the add-on, please see this article.

  1. From the navigation bar, select Automations
  2. Select the My automations tab
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  3. Find the automation rule you want to duplicate and select the dots icon ( ) > Duplicate
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  4. Update your duplicated automation as desired and select Add Automation to save it

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