How to create and use client tags

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In this article, you will learn how to create and use client tags in Workiz.

Client tags are a great way to categorize your clients for enhanced searchability, create more refined automation rules, and simply provide your team with more context for specific clients.

Creating a client tag

  1. Open the profile of the client you want to add a tag to
  2. Under the Estimates widget, select the tag icon ( )
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  3. Create your tag:
    1. Tag name: Enter the client tag name
    2. Tag color: Choose a color for this tag
    3. Select Save

To apply this tag to a client, select it from the list.

The tag you created for one client will now be appear on the list of available tags for all other clients on your Workiz account.

Benefits of using client tags

  • Providing your team with context
    Whether you have a longtime client who’s generated a lot of revenue for your company, or a regular client who’s likely to cause your team some headaches, client tags are a great way to give your team some insight on who they may be dealing with.
  • Filtering clients by tag
    Client tags also enable you to filter your clients list by tags, making sure you can spotlight customers based on the tags you’ve created and assigned.
  • Creating extra-refined automation rules
    Adding conditions to your Workiz Automation rules is a great way to refine the scenarios required to trigger your automation messages. With conditions, you can create automation rules around client tags (e.g., only if client tag = big spender, only if client tag ≠ big spender).

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