Managing your online payments using the Workiz Pay dashboard

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In this article, you will learn how to use the Workiz Pay dashboard to manage your online payments in Workiz.

Here’s a breakdown of all of the tools the Workiz Pay dashboard offers to help you manage your account and monitor your finances:

Viewing your account balance

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The Balance tab will help you keep track of your payouts from Workiz Pay. When collecting online payments using Workiz Pay, the funds will first reach your Workiz Pay account before being paid out to your business bank account.

From here, you’ll be able to see the different statuses of your Workiz Pay balance:

Status Description
Available to pay out to your bank account The amount of money that will soon be paid out to your bank account
Currently on the way to your bank account The amount of money that is already being transferred from your Workiz Pay balance to your bank account
Estimated future payouts The amount of money you have collected via Workiz Pay that is not yet ready to be paid out to your bank account

Selecting Details for an individual payout from the list will provide you with a breakdown of the relevant payments, jobs, and clients for this payout.

Monitoring your payments

The Payments tab will give you access to a list of all of the payments your business has collected using Workiz Pay, as well as the refunds your business has issued.

Each payment will be associated with a job ID in Workiz, giving you quick access to job details with just a few clicks.

Keeping tabs on client disputes

The Workiz Pay dashboard provides a detailed view of all of the disputes made against your business. From here, you’ll see the dispute’s status, reason, client, job ID, as well as important dates linked to the claim.

The Disputes tab will allow you to filter between the following disputes:

Tab Description
Needs response Disputes that require a response require a response
All disputes All of your disputes
Won Disputes that were resolved in your business’s favor
Lost Disputes that were NOT resolved in your business’s favor

Selecting a dispute will offer you guidance on how to respond to the dispute, as well as a template text message you can use to open a line of communication with your client.

Order new Workiz card readers

Workiz Pay enables you to offer modern solutions for collecting payments, such as credit card readers. Credit card readers are essential to growing field service businesses looking to modernize their practices, allowing you to offer your customers a convenient way to pay for your top-notch services.

Card readers are available for purchase at $69.99 in the US or $99.95 in Canada.

To learn more about how to order a new card reader, please see this article.

Updating your account details

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The updated account details tab will now give you access to make quick changes to important information like your bank account and statement descriptor.

You’ll also be able to decide whether you want to allow credit card tipping from your clients and adjust the default tipping options clients see when paying. 

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