Migrating to the new Workiz Pay

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In this article, you will learn about migrating from the old Workiz Pay to the new Workiz Pay.

We recently made the switch to a new version of Workiz Pay that now uses Stripe technology, and we’re really excited about all the awesome features we can now offer as a result of the change.

Support for the old Workiz Pay via WePay will begin ending on Nov. 30, 2022. If you are an existing customer using Workiz Pay via WePay, you will no longer be able to process payments after that date. You will need to migrate to the new Workiz Pay in order to continue processing payments with Workiz.

Why did we make the change?

Simply put, we wanted to offer more. More options to collect payments. More transparency into your transactions, payouts, and disputes. More quality customer service.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from the new Workiz Pay:

  • Robust payments dashboard
    With the new Workiz Pay, you’ll never be kept in the dark about the status of your money.Our updated dashboards give you quick access to your Workiz Pay balance, payments history, and disputes all in one place. To learn more about the Workiz Pay dashboard, please see this article.
  • Modern payment capabilities
    The new Workiz Pay enables us to offer you some of the modern payment capabilities your customers expect. From card readers to ACH payments — you’ll be able to offer your clients multiple convenient ways to pay for your services.
  • Enhanced account control
    Easily manage and make changes to your Workiz Pay account.From your linked bank account to your statement descriptor, making changes is quick and easy with the new Workiz Pay. You’ll also be able to issue partial refunds with just a few clicks.
  • Improved customer support
    With the new Workiz Pay, you’ll get the quality customer support you’ve come to expect from Workiz. We have a team of talented account managers and payments support specialists ready to help you out — all in-house.

Migrating to the new Workiz Pay

Ready to make the switch? Click here.

You’ll be asked to connect your bank account and provide some details relating to your business and personal identity.

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