Copying an estimate to an invoice or job

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In this article, you will learn how to copy an estimate into an invoice or job.

Estimates are an effective way of providing your customers with an understanding of what your services will cost and consist of. Getting approval from your customers sets all parties up for a great service experience.

What comes after the estimate will depend on how your organization does business. In Workiz, estimates can be copied into invoices or jobs.

How to copy an estimate

  1. Open the estimate you want to copy
  2. Select Actions > Copy to invoice or Copy to job
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    Not seeing the copy options in the Actions menu? You may be working with a job-connected estimate instead of a standalone estimate.

    When creating an estimate from a job, you only have the option to sync the estimate to the job, not copy. You will then be able to create an invoice from the job page. Please be aware that syncing an estimate to a job will overwrite any existing job items.

If you are copying the estimate to a job, you will be asked to enter some basic job details, such as the job type and schedule date, before creating the new job.

Estimates copied to jobs will undergo a change in estimate ID (e.g., from 401 to 3299-1) to signal that it is being converted from a standalone estimate to one that is now connected to a job.

If you copy an estimate to a job, you can also create an invoice directly from the same job.

All of the estimate data, including the line items and any deposit you may have collected, will be copied over to the new invoice or job you created. If a deposit was collected, it will be listed under the invoice or job payments and reduce the balance.

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