Finding done or canceled jobs

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In this article, you will learn how to find closed and canceled jobs in Workiz.

Once a job has been closed by changing the status to Done, or canceled, it will be removed from the Jobs page. In order to revisit a closed job, you will need to open the job from the Jobs report or the related client’s profile page.

Finding closed jobs from the Jobs report

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Reports
  2. From the Reports page, select Jobs
  3. Filter your results by Done or Canceled
    Group 4681canceled-done.png
  4. Open the job you want to view

Finding closed jobs from a client profile

  1. Open the client profile containing the job you want to access
  2. From the client profile page, select the Jobs tab
    Group 4681donejobs.png
  3. Select the Status column to sort by status and find the jobs under Done or Canceled
  4. Open the job you want to access
    image 665donejobs.png

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