Creating automation rules for leads

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In this article, you will learn how to create automation rules to help you win more leads.


With Workiz Automations, you can easily create a rule to automatically follow up with clients who haven’t made a decision on the potential job.

How to create an automation rule for leads

In order to create automation rules for leads, you will first need to enable the following add-ons from the Marketplace:

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Add new > Automation rule
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  2. Customize your automation rule:
    1. Enter a title for you rule
    2. Choose the lead-based event that should trigger this automation rule (e.g., when a lead has a status of ''new")
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    3. Choose what should happen when this event is triggered (e.g., send assigned tech a text message)
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    4. Customize the message you want to send when this event is triggered
    5. Define when this rule should be triggered (e.g., 1 hour ahead of the lead schedule date)
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      The only way to trigger an automation rule for an unscheduled lead is to select immediately. This will ensure the rule is triggered by a change to the lead status or lead tag.

      Assigning a specific time (e.g., 1 day after) to a lead-based automation rule will only allow the rule to be triggered once it has been scheduled.

    6. (Optional) Create a condition to define the exact criteria that should be applied to this automation rule (e.g., only if source = Google, only if client tag ≠ loyal customer, etc.)
    7. (Optional) Define when this rule should be triggered (e.g., 9–5 p.m., 24/7, etc.)
    8. Select Add automation

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