Creating automation rules for leads

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In this article, you will learn how to create automation rules to help you win more leads.


With Workiz Automations, you can easily create a rule to automatically follow up with clients who haven’t made a decision on the potential job.

How to create an automation rule for leads

In order to create automation rules for leads, you will first need to enable the following add-ons from the Marketplace:

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Add new > Automation rule
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  2. Create your automation rule:
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    1. Rule title: Enter a name for the automation rule you are creating (e.g., Lead follow-up)
    2. This happens: Choose lead
    3. Occurred: Choose the lead status that should trigger this automation rule
    4. Someone: Choose client
    5. Reminder: Choose the type of notification that you want to send for this automation rule
      1. Customize the message as desired and select Save and close
    6. Within a defined time: Choose when this notification should be sent

      The only way to trigger an automation rule for an unscheduled lead is to select immediately. This will ensure the rule is triggered by a change to the lead status or lead tag.

      Assigning a specific time (e.g., 1 day after) to a lead-based automation rule will only allow the rule to be triggered once it has been scheduled.

    7. Field: Choose when this notification should be sent
    8. (Optional) Add condition: Create a condition to define the exact scenario requirements that should be applied to this automation rule (e.g., only if source = Google, only if client tag ≠ loyal customer, etc.)
    9. Delivery window: Define when this rule should be triggered (e.g., 9–5 p.m., 24/7, etc.)
    10. Select Add automation

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