Reviewing business performance with the Job Statistics report

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In this article, you will learn how to monitor your business’s performance using the Job Statistics report in Workiz.

The Job Statistics report provides you with a comprehensive overview of your company, allowing you to quickly find information such as your highest-performing field techs, job sources with the greatest amount of profit, service area with the lowest cancellation rate, and more.

To open the report:

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Reports
  2. Select Job Statistics

Job Statistics Report overview

Jobs overview

Get a general overview of job performance, comparing the number of jobs you’ve completed against the number of jobs that have been canceled over a certain period of time.

You can also see the amount of sales you’ve made against the amount of profit you’ve earned.


Workiz makes it easy to understand which ad sources are performing best for your business. The Sources tab will show you a visual breakdown of the highest-performing ad sources by total sales and total jobs done.

To learn more about setting up ad sources, please see this article.

Tech performance

Like the previous tab, the Tech performance tab will show you your highest-performing field techs based on total sales and total jobs done. You can break things down further to determine the techs with the highest cancellation rate, and the average amount of profit collected.

Area performance

The Area performance tab will provide you with a breakdown of the highest-performing locations you serve. You can easily determine the area with the highest cancellation rate, highest gross amount, and average profit.

Results from this tab can be broken down by service area, city, or zip code.

To learn more about setting up service areas, please see this article.

Dispatcher performance

If you have multiple dispatchers on your team, the Dispatcher performance tab is a great place to see how well they’re performing. Like the Tech performance tab, this one breaks all the information down by total sales, total jobs done, cancellation rates, and more.

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