Creating estimates and invoices from jobs

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In this article, you will learn how to create estimates and invoices directly from jobs.

In Workiz, you can create estimates and invoices as standalone documents or as documents connected to a job or lead. Here, we will focus on creating these documents as part of a job.

To learn more about creating estimates and invoices as standalone documents, please see the following articles:

How to create estimates from jobs

  1. Open the job you want to create an estimate for
  2. From the job page, select the Estimates tab
    Group 4537estimates.png
  3. Select Add estimate
    Group 4543ests.png
  4. Create your estimate
  5. Once the estimate has been approved by your client, select Sync to job
    Group 4542ests.png
  6. Select Sync to job again

Syncing the estimate to the job will ensure the estimate data, such as the line items and deposit, will be copied to the job itself.

How to create invoices from jobs

  1. Open the job you want to create an invoice for
  2. Select Create invoice
    Group 4544invoice.png

When creating an invoice from a job, the job items and payments (if any) will automatically be copied to the invoice. Once the invoice has been created from a job, any updates to the items and payments — whether updated directly from the job or invoice — will automatically be synced to both the job and invoice.

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