Handling withdrawn disputes

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In this article, you will learn how to properly handle withdrawn disputes.

While you can win a client dispute by providing evidence in support of your business, you should first determine whether you can resolve the situation amicably with your client so that the dispute is withdrawn while it is still open.

What is a withdrawn dispute?

A withdrawn dispute is one that your client has asked their card issuer to cancel.

In the event that your client decides to withdraw the dispute, you will still need to submit evidence to resolve the dispute. Withdrawing a dispute does not automatically result in a win for your business.

Withdrawn disputes must still undergo the standard review process, and will not be processed any quicker than other types of disputes.

When viewing your Workiz Pay dashboard, withdrawn disputes will appear under your Disputes tab just like any other dispute. They won’t look any different from disputes that have not been withdrawn.

Withdrawn disputes will still count against your business’s dispute rate with the card network. At best, a withdrawn dispute that is won will only appear as a won dispute in the eyes of the card issuer.

If a dispute is withdrawn, it will only affect chargebacks. Situations dealing with Early Fraud Warnings or inquiries cannot be withdrawn, but your clients can decline to escalate them.

Submitting evidence

As mentioned, even if your client decides to withdraw a dispute, you must still submit evidence on behalf of your business.

If your client agrees to withdraw the dispute, they may receive confirmation of the withdrawal from their bank. While this document isn’t necessarily required as evidence for your business, it could be valuable in your response to the dispute. Consider asking your client for a copy of this confirmation so that you may submit it along with your other evidence.

Evidence must be submitted directly from your Workiz Pay dashboard.

Due to banking regulations, you will only have one opportunity to submit evidence for a dispute. You will not be able to make any changes or additions to your evidence after submitting.

Please make sure that you have assembled all of your evidence prior to submitting.

If you are waiting for your client to provide confirmation of a dispute withdrawal, please ensure you give yourself enough time to receive the document without going past the deadline provided.

Dispute review timeline

It may take up to three months for your evidence to be reviewed before a final decision can be made. That decision is made solely by your client's banking institution.

Workiz can only provide you with the tools to submit evidence and has no way to impact this judgment call. We also won’t have any insight to explain how the bank reached its decision.

Once the bank reaches a decision, that outcome is final. We will notify you once a decision has been made.

If a dispute is resolved in your business's favor, it may take several business days for the funds to be returned to your Workiz Pay account. The timeline will depend largely on the banks involved.

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