Charging service fees for card payments

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In this article, you will learn how to cover some of the costs associated with offering card payments in Workiz.

You can help mitigate the various costs associated with offering card payments with Workiz Pay using two different methods:

Requiring clients to pay a service fee may not be permitted in all states. Please ensure that your use of this setting complies with all applicable laws.

Workiz does not provide legal advice.

Method 1: Enabling service fees

Enabling service fees is the most efficient way of adding an additional charge in order to cover for various costs associated with card payments. After enabling this feature, the fees will seamlessly be added as a percentage of the total (after taxes and discounts) when clients pay with a card.

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Workiz Pay
  2. Select the My account tab
  3. Under Service fees, turn the toggle switch ON to activate service fees
  4. Check the box to acknowledge and agree that your use of this feature is compliant with all applicable laws in your state

  5. Select Save service fee

What your clients will see

When opening a link to view and pay an estimate or invoice on the Workiz client portal, the service fee will be listed in the invoice summary alongside the amount, subtotal, and tip.

Group 4897servicefee.png

Method 2: Manually adding a line item

If you'd prefer to manually mitigate the costs associated with allowing card payments, you can add a line item instead of using the service fee feature.

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings
  2. Under Job Settings, select Items & Products
    image 32.png
  3. From the Items & Products page, select Add New
  4. Create your line item:

    1. Title: Enter Convenience fee
    2. Item description: Enter Credit card processing fee
    3. Price: Enter 0.00
    4. Taxable item: Turn this toggle switch OFF
    5. Select Save

You will now be able to add this line item to your estimates and invoices with just a click. When adding this line item, you will need to manually edit the price you want to charge so that it reflects an appropriate service fee.

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