Why your Workiz Phone calls may be dropping instantly

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In this article, you will learn how to help resolve an issue you may encounter when using Workiz Phone. If you are experiencing an almost immediate drop when making outbound calls, please read this article to help resolve your issue. 

This issue may be the result of recent changes adopted by major US carriers (e.g., T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon) designed to protect consumers from receiving spam calls. These carriers may have designated your phone number as an illegitimate business number due to a history of spam-like activity (i.e., a high volume of unanswered calls and/or short call durations). It's possible that this designation was assigned before you acquired the phone number.

You can help resolve this issue by registering your phone number(s) with the major carriers using this link:

After submitting your registration request, you will receive a message confirming receipt of your request directly from three different call analytics providers:

  • First Orion (T-Mobile)
  • Hiya (AT&T)
  • Transaction Network Services (Verizon)

From that point forward, you may be required to communicate individually with each of these analytics providers to complete your registration. Workiz will not be able to provide insight into the progress of your registration request.

Tips on registering your Workiz number

For guidance on completing the registration form, please see the following information:

  1. Company numbers: Enter the phone number(s) you want to register and the associated caller ID(s)
  2. I believe my calls are: Select Other
  3. Contact name: Enter your full name
  4. Company phone: Enter the phone number listed under your Workiz account settings

    This should not be a number you purchased from Workiz.

  5. Email: Enter your email address
  6. Calling company name: Enter your business name
  7. Calling company address: Enter your business address
  8. City: Enter the city for your business address
  9. State: Choose the state for your business address
  10. Zip code: Enter the zip code for your business address
  11. Calling company URL: Enter your business website address
  12. Service provider(s): Enter Twilio
  13. Calls per month: Enter the average number of calls you make and receive per month using your Workiz numbers
  14. Verification code: Select Send verification code and then enter the code sent to the email address you provided above
  15. Select Submit

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