How discounts are reflected in QuickBooks Online

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In this article, you will learn how discounts for Workiz invoices are reflected in QuickBooks Online.

Workiz allows you to offer discounts to your clients as a dollar amount or percentage of the invoice subtotal. If you’re using the QuickBooks Online integration to manage your books, it’s important to understand how discounts are reflected in QuickBooks.

To learn how to apply discounts in Workiz, please see this article.

How an invoice syncs from Workiz to QuickBooks will vary depending on certain factors.

Scenario 1: Syncing invoices with discounts

Syncing an invoice with a discount will work as expected. All of the relevant information — including the line items, discount, and payment — is designed to sync into the correct fields.

For example:

Scenario 2: Syncing invoices with discounts + service fees and/or tips

While syncing invoices with discounts will work as expected, it’s important to be aware of the changes in behavior when syncing an invoice that includes a discount plus a service fee and/or a tip.

When syncing an invoice that includes a discount plus a service fee and/or a tip, the discount will no longer be added to the dedicated discount field on the QuickBooks invoice. Instead, the discount will be applied at the line-item level. This means that after syncing an invoice from Workiz to QuickBooks, the amount for a specific line item will not match across the two invoices.

For example:

While service fees and tips for invoices are synced to QuickBooks Online as line items, discounts are never applied to these two resources. Discounts are only ever applied to the line items that originally existed on the invoice as it was created in Workiz.

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