How to use call masking

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In this article, you will learn how to use call masking.

Call masking is a Workiz Phone feature that provides your techs and clients with a greater degree of privacy by preventing both parties from seeing any actual phone numbers. This allows you to override the caller ID to only show your clients the number you want them to see — like your business phone number.

And because your techs will never see your client's phone number, call masking is also designed to ensure that your business’s clients remain your business’s clients.

Setting up call masking

Call masking can be set up in minutes. To learn more about setting up call masking, please see this article.

What you’ll see when call masking is enabled

Masking What you'll see

Techs who were selected to receive masked numbers during setup will only see one phone number when accessing a job from the web or mobile app: your masking number with a unique extension.

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To properly use call masking, these users can:

  • Manually dial the masked number and extension from any device
  • Use "click to call" by selecting the phone icon from a job page on the mobile app

Admins and techs who weren’t selected to receive masked numbers will see two phone numbers when accessing a job page from the web app: the client’s actual phone number and your masked number with a unique extension.

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When accessing the job from the mobile app, these same users will only see the client’s actual phone number.

Although these users don’t get masked numbers, they can still use call masking by manually dialing the masking number and extension from any device.

What clients will see

When used properly, your clients will see whatever phone number you defined when setting up call masking.


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