Tracking service fees in QuickBooks Online

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In this article, you will learn how to track your Workiz service fees in QuickBooks Online.

You can help mitigate the various costs associated with offering card payments with Workiz Pay by enabling service fees. And with the QuickBooks Online integration, Workiz makes it simple to keep track of all of the fees you’ve collected.

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How QuickBooks Online syncs service fees

In order to track service fees in QuickBooks Online, you will first need to enable the following:

In Workiz, the service fees you collect will be calculated and added to the invoice summary alongside the taxes, subtotal, and total.

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But when syncing an invoice that includes a service fee to QuickBooks Online, that fee will be added as an individual line item called Workiz service fee.

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After syncing an invoice that includes a service fee, you may notice the invoice subtotal in Workiz does not match the invoice subtotal in QuickBooks Online. This is the result of syncing the service fee as a line item, which impacts the subtotal in QuickBooks.

The totals for both invoices, however, will be equal.

Once a payment is made, Workiz will automatically sync any tips into QuickBooks in an account called Workiz service fees. You can access this account in QuickBooks by selecting Bookkeeping > Chart of accounts.

Syncing invoices with service fees and discounts

Although service fees are synced over as line items in QuickBooks Online, any discounts created in Workiz will only ever be applied to the original line items from the Workiz invoice.

It’s also worth noting that syncing this type of invoice will result in the discount being applied at the line-item level and not the subtotal level. This means that after syncing an invoice from Workiz to QuickBooks, the amount for a specific line item will not match across the two invoices.

Where service fees are deposited in QuickBooks Online

With the automatic reconciliation setting enabled for your QuickBooks Online integration, the service fees you collect with Workiz Pay will automatically be deposited into the account selected when configuring the setting.

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