Troubleshooting common Zapier errors

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In this article, you will learn how to resolve some of the most common issues you may encounter when using Workiz and Zapier.

Authentication failed

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This error is often the result of one of the following scenarios:

  • Your API token and/or API secret were entered in the wrong fields
  • Your API credentials are no longer valid

To fix this issue, ensure the API credentials you provided to Zapier are up to date and entered into the corresponding fields.

The credentials provided on your Developer settings page are not presented in the same order as they are requested on Zapier. Make sure to enter the credentials into the correct fields.

If necessary, generate a new set of credentials and enter them into Zapier. You can generate new credentials by request new credentials from your Developer settings page.

Field validation error

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This error may be the result of the following scenarios:

  • Fix: Ensure the ad source used in the Zap exists exactly as it appears in Workiz (including identical spelling).

  • Fix: Ensure that the email address is entered in the conventional email format (i.e.,

  • Fix: Ensure the phone number is entered in the conventional phone number format (10-digit length).

  • Fix: Ensure the zip code is entered in the conventional zip code format (5-digit length).

  • Fix: Ensure the job type used in the Zap exists as a job type in Workiz.

  • Fix: Ensure the service area used in the Zap exists as a service area in Workiz.

    Service areas can be entered using the exact spelling or its API name (e.g., Mira Mesa or mira_mesa).

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