How texting works when you have multiple numbers

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In this article, you will learn about what to expect when you send and receive text messages while having multiple phone numbers.

The Workiz communication suite allows you to purchase multiple phone numbers tailored around your business's needs. Whether you have one phone number or several, you will be required to assign one number as your primary number. This number will be used for outgoing text messages.

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You can change your primary number from your Numbers settings page or Text message settings page.

Receiving incoming texts

If you have multiple phone numbers, a client may text a non-primary number to contact you. Assuming the client is using the same personal number to send their outgoing messages, all of the text messages from this client will be stored within the same conversation thread in your Message Center — regardless of which of your numbers they contacted.

Sending outgoing texts

But as noted, your outgoing text messages can only be sent from your primary number. This means that your text message conversation may initially be split across multiple threads on your client's device.

To resolve any potential confusion your client may experience when receiving a text message from a number they don't recognize, consider introducing yourself and your business within your initial reply as a way of explaining to them that this message is directly related to the outgoing message they sent earlier.


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