Automatically reminding clients about upcoming jobs

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In this article, you will learn how to use Workiz Automations to remind your clients about upcoming jobs.

Workiz Automations can help streamline many of your day-to-day tasks, including reminding clients about upcoming appointments.

Enabling the automation rule

In order to send clients automatic reminders about upcoming jobs, you will first need to enable the Workiz Automations add-on from the Marketplace.

To learn more about enabling the add-on, please see this article.

  1. From the navigation bar, select Automations
  2. Under Reminders, select the 1 day notice / Client reminder template
    Group 4682.png
  3. (Optional) Customize your rule as desired, including:
    image 853.png
    1. The type of message you want to send (text and/or email)
    2. When the message should be sent (e.g., 14 days ahead of, 30 minutes ahead of, etc.)
    3. The body of the message you want to send
    4. The extra conditions you want to assign to this rule (e.g., only if client tag = [custom tag])
  4. Select Add automation

Now, your clients will receive reminders before upcoming jobs.

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