Simplifying sales with item groups and flat rate pricing

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In this article, you will learn how to use flat rate pricing to simplify your sales process.

Workiz allows you to create individual items and item groups that can be used on estimates and invoices. Those groups can be presented in two different ways to your clients: as individual items or as a flat rate item.

  • Standard item group: Items can be added with a single click, but will appear as individual items on estimates and invoices.
  • Flat rate item: Items can be added with a single click, but will appear as a single line item on an estimate or invoice.

Creating item groups and flat rate items

  1. From the navigation bar, select the gear icon ( ) > Settings
  2. Under Job settings, select Items & products

  3. Select the Item groups tab
  4. From the Items group tab, select Add new
  5. Create your item group or flat rate item:

    1. Name
    2. Type: Choose Individual items or Flat rate
    3. Image
    4. Description
    5. Category (optional): Choose the category that this group belongs to
    6. Items
    7. Select Save

When creating a flat rate item, you will not be able to edit the price or cost for the individual items within. That's because your flat rate items exist dynamically to always be up to date based on the details that you have set up for the individual items (e.g., materials, labor, etc.) that comprise the flat rate item. 

To edit prices and costs, please update the individual items themselves. 

Adding item groups and flat rate items to jobs

After creating your item group or flat rate item, you will be able to add them directly to a job just like you would any other item. 

  1. Open the job you want to add items to
  2. Select the Items tab
  3. Select Add item (from list or price book)
  4. Add your item group or flat rate item

After adding a flat rate item to a job, you can expand the item to make specific, one-time modifications to its contents (i.e., updating the labor type, removing materials, etc.). This allows you to add or remove items and adjust their prices and costs.

It's important to note that these changes are intended for a single job and won't affect the flat rate item stored in your account.

2023-10-26_10-24-35 1flatrate.png


What your clients will see

Group type Description

Clients will see every line item included in the group.

image 694flatrate.png

Flat rate

Clients will only see the single flat rate item that represents the entire group. They will have visibility of the image, name, and description you entered when creating the group.

2023-10-26_10-44-00 1flatrate.png


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