Creating draft estimates while offline

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The ability to create offline estimates is currently only available to users who are part of the beta program.

To join the beta, please contact support.

In this article, you will learn how to use the mobile app to create draft estimates while you’re offline.

The Workiz mobile app is a web-connected solution that requires an active network connection for most of its capabilities. When offline, access to features like creating or accessing jobs, leads, invoices, client details, calls, and messages will be restricted.

However, our mobile app ensures that you can still maximize your productivity even without an internet connection. Offline capabilities allow you to create draft estimates, storing them directly on the mobile app. These drafts can then be seamlessly synced with your web-connected account by assigning them to specific jobs, ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted.

Creating draft estimates

  1. From your homepage, select the plus icon ( ) > Draft estimate
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  2. Create your draft estimate
  3. Select the back arrow
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Your draft estimate will now be saved as an offline draft that you can assign to a job once you have an internet connection.

Assigning draft estimates to jobs

Once reconnected to the internet, you will be prompted to sync your draft estimates on the mobile app. The message will appear any time you open the app from a closed state, and will disappear after just a few seconds. You can select the link from the message to assign your draft estimate to a job.

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You can also access your list of draft estimates at any time.

Draft estimates can only be accessed from the mobile app and mobile device where they were originally created. They will not appear on the web app or other devices until you’ve assigned them to jobs. After assigning them to jobs, the drafts are converted into regular, web-connected estimates.

  1. From your homepage, select the bars icon ( ) > Estimates
  2. Filter your estimates by Draft 
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  3. Open the estimate you want to assign and select Assign to job
  4. Select the job that you want to assign this estimate to
  5. Select Yes, assign

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