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Understanding text message statuses
Understanding text message statuses

Learn about the different statuses you may encounter when sending text messages with Workiz.

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In this article, you will learn about the different types of message statuses you may see when sending texts with Workiz.

Each text you send from the Workiz Message Center will include a status to describe the current state of the message that helps you understand whether your recipient received the message.

Note: Statuses will only appear on text messages, not email messages.

Text message statuses




The message was sent but not yet delivered to the recipient. Typically, a sent status will be replaced by a received or not received status within seconds or minutes.

Multimedia messages may occasionally remain in the sent status due to standard carrier practice.

If a message remains in the sent status for more than 72 hours, it is unlikely to receive an updated status.


The message was successfully delivered to the recipient.

Not received

The message was sent but could not be delivered to the recipient.

When applicable, this status may be accompanied by additional details regarding the need for registration. To learn more about registering your business for text messages, please see this article.


The message could not be sent due to an error.

Note: Workiz charges for any message delivery attempt, regardless of whether or not it was successful. Messages with statuses of sent, received, and not received will all impact your plan balance.

You will not be charged for failed messages, which are not the same as not received.

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