Importing items

Learn about how to import your item data to import into Workiz.

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In this article, you will learn about the item importing process in Workiz.

Workiz can help save you valuable time by importing various pieces of historical business data — including item information.

Importing overview

What we can import

What we CANNOT import

  • Item name

  • Price

  • Cost

  • Model number

  • Item type

  • Description

  • Taxability

  • Inventory status

  • Inventory information (e.g., stock level, reorder point etc.)

  • Custom fields

  • Images

  • Item groups

  • Usage history

Note: Have a price book that you'd like to import into Workiz? Please contact support to discuss your options.

QuickBooks Online

If you are using or plan on using the QuickBooks Online integration, you will need to import your items by connecting the two accounts. Importing your items separately may result in duplicate items.

File types

Workiz can only accept flat CSV or XLS/XLSX files for importing purposes. A flat file is a plain text file with each row representing a single, separate entity (e.g., one row = one item).

A flat CSV cannot have complex hierarchical structures or relationships between separate rows.

When compiling your data, be sure to create a separate file for each entity. If you are requesting an import of clients, jobs, leads, estimates, invoices, and items, you will need to have six separate files.

Preparing your file for import

In order to ensure a smooth and successful data migration, please review this article before creating your import file.

Item field guidelines




Item name






Model number


Item type


Must match one of the item types in Workiz:

  • Product

  • Service

  • Hours

  • Expense





Must be formatted as "true" or "false," where true = taxable and false = non-taxable.

Inventory status


Must be formatted as "true" or "false," where true = inventory managed and false = not inventory managed.

Item type will be set to product if this field is set to true.

Stock level


Re-order number


Custom fields


Must match one of the item custom fields that already exist in Workiz.

Item import sample file

For more help with putting together your item import file, please see the attached file below.

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