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Applying member discounts with service plans
Applying member discounts with service plans

Learn how to apply universal discounts to all job items for a client using service plans.

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In this article, you will learn how to apply member discount for your client using service plans.

In Workiz, you can manually apply a discount to individual jobs, estimates, and invoices. But with service plans, you can also apply a member discount to ensure that all future line items on jobs, estimates, and invoices will automatically receive a discounted rate.

How to apply a member discount

Note: In order to apply member discounts, you will need to enable the Service Plans add-on from the Marketplace.

To learn more about enabling this add-on, please see this article.

You can define member discounts when creating or modifying a service plan template or when enrolling a client in a new service plan. Check the box to enable the discount field and then enter the percentage you want to apply.

What your clients will see

After applying a member discount, the discount will be applied to all line items across future jobs, estimates, and invoices.

Your service plan invoice templates (i.e., the invoices your clients receive for each billing cycle) will include a short code option to display the member discount as a percentage. You will need to manually add the short code to your document template.

All other estimates and invoices will automatically display the discount as part of the summary at the bottom of the document.

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