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How to sync invoices from QuickBooks Online
How to sync invoices from QuickBooks Online

Learn how to automatically sync invoices from QuickBooks Online.

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In this article, you will learn how to sync invoices from QuickBooks Online to Workiz.

By default, Workiz’s integration with QuickBooks Online will only sync invoices in one direction: from Workiz to QuickBooks.

But with just a few extra steps, Workiz also allows you to customize your QuickBooks Online integration so that invoices sync in the other direction as well: from QuickBooks to Workiz.

Auto-syncing invoices from QuickBooks Online

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under Integrations, select QuickBooks integration

  3. From the Settings tab, select Automatically sync invoices from QuickBooks

After enabling this setting, Workiz will begin syncing all invoices created from clients in QuickBooks. It will also sync all existing and future payments made directly to that invoice.

Understanding how invoices sync from QuickBooks

To get a full understanding of how this setting works, it’s also important to recognize some limitations:

  • Workiz can only sync invoices from QuickBooks at the point of creation. While we can sync over future payments made directly to an invoice, detail-related changes made in QuickBooks — such as edits to the billing address, terms, or line items — will not be synced.

    To make changes to an invoice after it has been created and synced, it is recommended that you make those changes in Workiz and then sync the invoice back to QuickBooks.

    Note: Workiz can only sync the following payment types from QuickBooks:

    • Cash

    • Credit

    • Check

  • Batch payments made to multiple invoices in QuickBooks will not be synced in Workiz. When entering batch payments, Workiz will only sync the first invoice.

    This setting is most effective when syncing payments made directly to an individual invoice.

  • If you want to apply an automatic service fee to an invoice, the full invoice payment needs to be collected in Workiz.

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