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Sending automated reminders for service plans
Sending automated reminders for service plans

Learn about all of the automation rules you can easily create around service plans.

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In this article, you will learn how to use Workiz Automations to improve your experience with service plans.

With Workiz Automations, you get access to the Workiz Automation Center, where you can create custom automation rules capable of streamlining and simplifying service plans even further.

The Workiz Automation Center also has dozens of pre-built automation rules you can enable and tailor with just a few clicks, including sending reminders:

  • Before a service plan visit

  • Before a service plan is scheduled to expire

  • Before a service plan is set to automatically renew

  • After a service plan offer was sent to a client

Note: In order to create automation rules for service plans, you will first need to enable the following add-ons:

Enabling pre-built automations

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under General settings, select Automation Center

  3. Under Categories on the left, select Service plans

  4. Select the automation template you want to use

  5. (Optional) Customize your automation rule as desired, including:

    1. The type of message you want to send (text or email)

    2. When the message should send (e.g., 14 days ahead of, 30 min ahead of, etc.)

    3. The body of the message you want to send

    4. The extra conditions you want to assign to this rule (e.g., only if client tag = [custom tag])

  6. Select Add automation

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