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Updating the card on file for your Workiz subscription
Updating the card on file for your Workiz subscription
Learn how to easily update the payment method you have on file for your Workiz plan.
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In this article, you will learn how to update the card you have on file for your Workiz subscription.

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Billing

  2. Under Payment method, select Update card

  3. Complete the Credit card details fields:

    1. Cardholder: Enter the cardholder name

    2. Card number: Enter the card number

    3. Expiration date: Enter the card’s expiration date

    4. Billing address: Enter the address, zip code, state, and country

    5. Select Update payment

Your payment method will be updated immediately and used for your next billing statement.

Note: You may occasionally run into issues with using a valid card that has sufficient funds. This may be the result of having on-demand billing set up for your Workiz Phone plan.

Your banking institution may become accustomed to only seeing the predictable, scheduled billing charges associated with your Workiz subscription. It may automatically decline the irregular billing charges associated with on-demand phone usage.

In this scenario, you may be required to contact your bank to explain the circumstances and approve those charges.

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