In this article, you will learn how to customize your service plan invoices in Workiz.

Service Plans is a great tool for creating and managing recurring visits for general services or maintenance. With Service Plans, you can easily create service plan templates and subscribe your clients to those plans โ€” not only allowing you to account for recurring work, but also ensure you are automatically getting paid on time.

After enabling the Service Plans feature, Workiz will automatically create a new document template for you: the service plan invoice. This is the document your clients will see in the client portal for every billing statement. Although it is also technically an invoice, the service plan invoice template is separate from the standard invoice template.

In order to customize your service plan invoice template, you will first need to enable the feature. To learn more about enabling the feature or creating a template, please see this article.

How to customize your service plan invoice template

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under General settings, select Documents

  3. Select Service plan invoice

  4. Customize your template as desired and save your changes

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