In this article, you will find out how you can add a new user to your team in Workiz. Watch the video and follow the steps below to start adding new users.

  1. Login to your Workiz account.

  2. On the side navigation bar, click 'Team'.

3. From the 'Team Members' page, click the 'Add New' button.  

4. Enter the 'User Details' in the popup (and follow the instructions below).

5. Select the User Type (the default is "pro"):

      i.  Pro User - A pro user can log into your account, mobile app, create invoices collect signatures, request payments, according to their permission level.

     ii. Free User - A free user can be assigned to a job and receive SMS messages, but cannot log in to the dashboard (a good option for subcontractors, workers who do not work with you on a day to day basis.)

6. Add your user's email address, this is where the invite will be sent.

7. Add the user's name.

8. Click the color icon to select a schedule color for jobs assigned to this user.

9. Add the user's phone number, this number will be used for sending text messages.

10. Choose the permission level. This controls what this user can see and do on your account.

11. Choose if they will be a field tech - can this user be assigned to jobs?

12. Decide if you want to track their location (show this user's location on the map view).

13. When you have finished, click 'Send invite'.

Your new user will receive an invitation message (similar to the image below) to join Workiz.

The new user will need to set their password and then they will be ready to log in.
They can download the mobile app from the links that are provided in the message.

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