Adding A New User to Your Team in Workiz
Instructions for an Admin:

1. Login to your Workiz account.

2. From the side-navigation bar, click Team.

3. From the Team Members page, click the Add New User button.  

4. Please enter the User Details for your new user. 

   a. Select the User Type from the drop-down:
      i. Free User -
Can be assigned to job and receive SMS messages, and cannot login    (a good option for subcontractors, workers who do not work with you on a day to day basis.)
     ii. Pro User -
Can log into your account, mobile app, create invoices collect signatures, request payments, according to their permission level.
   iii. Enter the requested user details:
         1. Full Name
         2. Phone Number
         3. Email Address -
The email where your user will receive an invite and login to the Workiz app.
   iv. Select a Color Tag - Jobs assigned to this user will now appear in the color you selected.
   v. From the dropdown, select the User Role you are assigning to your new user.
   vi. From the dropdown, select if you would like to turn on Location Tracking for this user.
  vii. From the dropdown, select if this user is a Field Tech?.

5. When you have finished, click Add user and send invite.
6. Your new user will now receive an invite, inviting them to join the team.

How A New User Joins Their Team in Workiz

Instructions for a New User:

1. Your new user will receive an invitation mail to join Workiz.

2. From the mail invite, click, Join the team.
A new screen will open, asking your new user to join their team and create their account information.

3. Pick a password and enter it in the specified field.
       Note: New users can also download the Workiz app for Android and iOS on this page.
4. Click Submit.
5. Your new user is now added to your team, and can start working.

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