In this article, you will learn about some of the general troubleshooting procedures for Workiz Phone.

Verify your Workiz Phone is turned on and you’re available to receive calls

  1. From the navigation bar at the top of the page, verify the phone icon is ON

  2. From the dialer window, verify there is a green dot next to your initials on the upper-left corner indicating your availability

Verify your billing is up to date

  1. ​​Open your Billing page and verify your account has not gone over your allotted minutes and texts

  2. From the Billing page, verify On-demand charges is enabled

    Note: In the event that you have exceeded your allotted minutes and texts, you can use On-demand charges to keep your phone plan active. With this setting enabled, you will be charged by the minutes used.

Verify your Workiz Phone number has been configured correctly

  1. Open your Numbers page and verify your desired phone number is labeled Workiz number

  2. From the Numbers page, verify your desired phone number is assigned to a call flow

Verify your call flow is configured correctly

  1. From the Call flows settings page, open the call flow your phone number is assigned to

  2. Verify your business hours are set correctly

  3. Verify calls are being forwarded to the desired team members

Issues on the mobile app

  1. From your device’s internal settings, verify notifications have been enabled for the Workiz app

  2. From the Workiz app, open the Calls tab and verify your status reads Available in the upper-right corner

Ensure your phone number is registered with the major carriers

If you are experiencing an almost immediate drop when attempting to make outbound calls, please see this help article.

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