In this article, you will learn how to create custom payment terms for individual clients when sending invoices.

Workiz allows you to define default payment terms for all invoices that you create, ensuring that payments for all new invoices are due after the same amount of time (e.g., net 14, net 30, etc.). To learn more about setting default payment terms, please see this article.

Workiz also allows you to create client payment terms for individual customers. When using client payment terms, the due date for an invoice created for that client will reflect the client payment terms instead of the default terms.

How to set client payment terms

  1. Open the client’s profile page

  2. From the Client info tab, select the Client payment terms field and choose the desired option

    Note: Choosing Due upon receipt will mean an invoice will automatically be overdue immediately after it has been created.

  3. Select Save

Now, after creating a new invoice for this client, the due date will reflect the custom client payment terms you defined on their profile page.

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