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How to get tailored insights with custom reports
How to get tailored insights with custom reports

Learn how to get the insights your business needs using custom reports in Workiz.

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In this article, you will learn how to create custom reports to get tailored insights designed for your business.

Workiz has more than a dozen reports that allow you to understand how your business is doing with just a few clicks. But Workiz also gives you the ability to create custom reports of your own, allowing you to pick the sort of information you want to see so that you can track the sort of data that means the most to you.

Enabling custom reports add-on

  1. From the navigation bar, select the Marketplace

  2. Under Add-ons, find Custom reports and select Learn more

  3. Turn toggle switch ON

Creating a custom report

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Reports

  2. Under Custom reports, select Add report

  3. Complete the Custom report fields:

    1. Report name: Enter a name for your custom report

    2. Report fields: Select the job, client, finance, and custom fields you want to include in your custom report

    3. Default time range: Select the time range you want to see every time you open the report

    4. Visible to: Select the roles that should have access to this report

    5. Select Save

Your custom report should be generated in just a few seconds.


Here's a custom report that tracks how long certain jobs are taking using the following fields:

  • Job ID

  • Job type

  • Tech

  • Job duration (custom field)

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